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Neanderdad’s people have many traditions, many important legends.  And at no time of the year were there more traditions and legends than during what Neanderdad’s people called ‘The holiday season.’   With this season now upon them, Neanderdad and his mate had dedicated themselves to exposing their offspring to every nuance.   The tree was up and decorated.  Stockings were hung with care.  Bright strings of lights twinkled on and off from the fences around their dwelling.  They even had a motorized and illuminated reindeer, which bobbed and whirred on the lawn, delighting the children (and disquieting the dog).  

The rest of this story is available as part of the illustrated book,  Neanderdad Tales: Humorous Stories of Primitive Fatherhood.  Available on the iTunes Bookstore for only $1.99.

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